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Jon Sarkin: When Brain Injuries Transform Into Art.

Jon Sarkin was working as a chiropractor when he suffered a massive stroke. Afterwards, he became an obsessive visual artist whose work was as fragmented and cluttered as his mind had become. Sarkin is the subject of a new book, Shadows Bright as Glass, by science writer Amy Nutt.


A Writer Reports on His Own Brain Surgery.

Writer Steve Fishman. Fishman suffered a brain hemorrhage while in Nicaragua several years ago. His book, "A Bomb in the Brain," is a first person account of that experience and the subsequent surgery that left him with a mild form of epilepsy. (Rebroadcast. Original date 12/21/88).


A Writer Reports on His Own Brain Surgery

Steve Fishman was reporting in Nicaragua when a blood vessel burst in his brain. During his treatment, he researched his condition and its treatment, and interviewed the surgeons who operated on him. The blood vessel was repaired, but Fishman developed epilepsy as a result of the surgery. His book about the experience is called A Bomb in the Brain.


Patricia Neal Discusses Her Life and Career.

Actress Patricia Neal. A star of stage and film, Neal is almost as well known for her private life - her love affair with the married Gary Cooper, the tragedies that befell several of her children, the breakup of her 30-year marriage to the British writer Roald Dahl, and the stroke that almost took away her speech. Her films include "The Breaking Point," "The Fountainhead," "A Face in the Crowd," and "Hud," for which she won the Oscar.

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