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'New Yorker' Cartoonist Imagines Washington At 7.

Through his many New Yorker covers, Barry Blitt has become one of the pre-eminent satirical cartoonists of America's recent presidents. Now Blitt has trained his eye and pen upon our first president in a new children's book, George Washington's Birthday.


Comic Robert Smigel, Master Of 'Triumph'

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog's bark may be worse than his bite: The canine puppet has been mocking Hollywood celebrities for over a decade now. Robert Smigel, Triumph's creator, talks about the furry late-night fixture and his other comedy projects.


Bob Kane: The Man Behind Batman

In anticipation of the new Batman film The Dark Knight, which opens in theaters next week, we revisit an archival interview with Bob Kane, the man who drew Batman from its inception in 1939 until the late 1960s.


Biography Details the 'King of Comics'

In his new biography, Kirby: King of Comics, TV and comics writer Mark Evanier details the life and career of noted comic artist Jack Kirby, the co-creator of the Marvel Comics characters the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and X-Men.


Cartoonist and TV Producer Bruce Eric Kaplan

If you know him by his full name, you probably watch Six Feet Under on HBO. He's a co-executive Producer. But if you know him by his initials — B.E.K. — you probably read The New Yorker where his single-panel cartoons are regularly featured. A collection of his cartoons, This Is a Bad Time, came out this summer. This interview was first broadcast June 16, 2004.


Cartoonist Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson's cartoons are dark and twisted and have appeared in The New Yorker for decades. His new collection will be published in December. It's called The Best of Gahan Wilson. This interview was first broadcast in 1986.


'Far Side' Cartoonist Gary Larson

The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 hits stores this week. It's a two-volume hardcover set that includes every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated. The Far Side thrived for 14 years and appeared in more than 1,900 newspapers worldwide. Larson has published more than 20 books featuring his cartoons. In 1994, Larson completed his first animated film Gary Larson's Tales from the Far Side. His second animated film, Gary Larson's Tales From the Far Side II, has appeared at the Telluride Film Festival. He lives in Seattle.


'Fresh Air' Remembers Animator Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones, creator of the cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and many others for Warner Bros., died Friday at the age of 89. His career in animation lasted nearly 70 years. Fresh Air remembers him with a 1989 interview.


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