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Bullying in schools

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Aziz Ansari's Latest Is 'Dangerously Delicious'

The comedian, who plays Tom Haverford on the NBC sitcom Park and Recreation, just released a new comedy special directly on his website. He's also embarking on a multicity tour, where he'll be riffing on the things that terrify him -- marriage, for instance, and babies.


Divine Makes His Mark on Cinema

Divine, the late leading lady of John Waters' films. Born Harris Glen Milstead, the 300-pound transvestite passed away in March of 1988, shortly after starring in John Waters' first big budget studio film, "Hairspray." He was 42. Divine was an integral part of Waters' ensemble cast, appearing in all his earlier films except "Desperate Living." Divine and Waters knew each other from childhood. It was Waters' movie "Pink Flamingoes" that made Divine famous, because he ate dog feces at the end of the film.


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