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Duplass Brothers On Working Together And Growing Apart: 'We Are Ex-Soulmates'

Writers, directors and actors Jay and Mark Duplass first became known for making fast, cheap indie films. Their success led to bigger films and to making the HBO series Togetherness which starred Mark. Now they have a new memoir about making films and the advantages and limitations of being close-knit brothers and artistic collaborators.


Rob and Nate Corddry Find Their Place on TV

Brothers Rob and Nate Corddry are both former correspondents on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Now Rob Corddry has a new Fox sitcom, The Winner (by the creators of The Family Guy), about a 32-year-old virgin who still lives at home. It airs on Sunday nights.

Nate Corddry currently plays a TV performer and writer on the show Studio 60, which airs Monday nights on NBC.


Damon Wayans

A rare 1990 HBO comedy special, The Last Stand? has just been released on DVD. The star is comic, writer and actor Damon Wayans, who is starring in the upcoming Showtime series The Underground. This interview originally aired on June 14, 1999.(Original airdate: 6/14/99)


Celebrating Jazz Pianist Hank Jones

The legendary jazzman turns 87 on July 31, 2005. He and his trio have just released a new CD, For My Father, and he joins John Patitucci and Jack De Johnette for the Great Jazz Trio's upcoming CD, S'Wonderful.


Actor David Hyde Pierce

He plays Niles Krane on Frasier, a role for which he won an Emmy. Pierce has also appeared in many films, including Bright Lights, Big City, Little Man Tate, The Fisher King, Crossing Delancy, Sleepless in Seattle and Nixon. He was recently the voice of Abe Sapien in Hellboy.


Actor and Playwright John Kani

Kani, a South African, is best known for his apartheid-era, politically charged collaborations with playwright Athol Fugard. His new play — and his first as a solo playwright is Nothing But the Truth. It's a post-apartheid family drama inspired by the death of his brother, a poet who was killed by the South African police in 1985. Nothing But the Truth is currently playing at the Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center in New York City. (This interview continues into the second half of the show).

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