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Duplass Brothers On Working Together And Growing Apart: 'We Are Ex-Soulmates'

Writers, directors and actors Jay and Mark Duplass first became known for making fast, cheap indie films. Their success led to bigger films and to making the HBO series Togetherness which starred Mark. Now they have a new memoir about making films and the advantages and limitations of being close-knit brothers and artistic collaborators.


Out Of Lahiri's Muddy 'Lowland,' An Ambitious Story Soars

Jhumpa Lahiri's new novel, The Lowland, is on the long list for the National Book Award and the shortlist for the Man Booker. Critic Maureen Corrigan says Lahiri should start making room in her trophy cabinet; The Lowland is a beautiful tale of a family transformed by political violence.


'May We Be Forgiven': A Story Of Second Chances

In A.M. Homes' suburbia, yawning sinkholes will suddenly open up in front lawns, swallowing cliched plotlines and opening portals to other dimensions. In her latest novel, she serves up an old-fashioned American story that's more Norman Bates than Norman Rockwell.

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