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Wanda Sykes Loves Stand-Up: 'That's Where I Can Be Free,' She Says

Before Wanda Sykes became a comic, she worked as a procurement officer for the National Security Agency and had top security clearance. But she always loved telling jokes, and when a local radio station sponsored a talent show that included a comedy category, she decided to audition.


Just What's Inside Those Breasts?

In her new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, Florence Williams offers her take on why breasts are getting bigger and developing earlier, why tumors seem to gravitate toward the breast, and how toxins from the environment may be affecting hormones and breast development.


A Breast Oncologist, Diagnosed With The Disease

After a routine mammogram, brest cancer specialist Dr. Marisa Weiss was diagnosed with a breast tumor. The founder of discusses her diagnosis and treatment -- and how she feels about new mammography guidelines.


Dr. Susan Love on the Newest Thinking About Breast Cancer

Love is the founding member of the Breast Cancer Coalition and founding director of the UCLA Breast Cancer, which is one of the world's leading breast treatment facilities. Her book Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book (Addison Wesley) is said to be one of the most important books in women's health in the last decade. A new, updated edition has just been published.

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