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Judy Davis, Inspiring 'Brilliant Career's 30 Years Later.

The Oscar-nominated 1979 film My Brilliant Career stars Judy Davis, as a young woman growing up in rural Australia at the end of the 19th century. Film critic John Powers gives Davis credit for creating the template for the Australian screen actress: bravery, incandescence, and occasional cussedness.


Peter Carey's 'Theft' Will Arrest Your Attention

The award-winning Australian novelist Peter Carey is known for his manic comic energy. Reaching for comparisons, reviewers have likened him to James Joyce, Tom Wolfe and other writers obviously in love with words, words, words. Carey's latest novel, Theft: A Love Story, is sure to steal its readers' attention away from all other activities.


In Search of the Real Daisy Bates

Commentator Maureen Corrigan reviews Julia Blackburn's new book "Daisy Bates in the Desert," an experimental biography about the real life Australian woman who often lied about her past and identity.


Visiting "A Town Like Alice"

The Australian miniseries, about prisoners in World War II, is presented in full in a new home video release. Critic Ken Tucker says it powerfully illustrates the cultural divide between Great Britain and Australia.


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