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From the Archives: William Wegman's Dog Portraits.

Photographer and artist Wiliam Wegman. Wegman's best known for his photographs of his pet weimaraner dogs, Man Ray and Fay Ray (both have since died). He collected his photos and drawings in "William Wegman: Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Videotapes." His newest book is "Puppies" (Hyperion) which includes photographs of Fay Ray's daughters, son, and grandson. (REBROADCAST from 10/10/90)


A Gentler Side of Boxing.

The sport of boxing has been in the news since boxer Mike Tyson bit the ear of his opponent, Evander Holyfield. Photographer Larry Fink has captured many images of boxing which have been collected in his book, "Boxing" (Powerhouse Books). And sports writer Bert Sugar has written numerous works on sports and has served as senior vice-president of "The Ring" magazine, a magazine on boxing. He wrote the essay included in Fink's book. They'll talk about the often maligned sport. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


New Breakthroughs in AIDS Treatments

Photographer John Dugdale is joined by psychotherapist Robert Levithan to talk about a new class of AIDS fighting drugs. Both men have the AIDS virus; they are being treated with protease inhibitors. The treatment is helping them live normal lives. John Dugdale's photographs are collected in the recent book "Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall." Robert Levithan conducts workshops called "Outliving AIDS" for those with AIDS who are living longer than expected.


Jazz Photographer Roy DeCarava.

Photographer Roy DeCarava. A collection of his photographs, featuring leading jazz musicians and life in Harlem, spanning the past 50 years has been published recently: "Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective." (Museum of Modern Art)


Patti Smith Discusses the Life and Work of Robert Mapplethorpe.

Poet, performer, and punk rocker Patti Smith. Early in her career she lived with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and -- she says -- the two helped each other form and develop their individual talents. (Her 1975 debut album cover was photograph was taken by Mappelthorpe.) Terry talks with Smith on the occasion of the publication of, "Mappelthorpe Altars," (Random House) the color companion volume to the collection of his black-and-white prints, "Mapplethorpe" published in 1992.


Photographer and Activist George Covington.

Photographer, writer, attorney, and former Special Assistant for Disability Policy to the Vice President of the U.S., George Covington. He was born legally blind, with less than ten percent of normal vision. He says he photographs "to see." Through his pictures he's able to hone in on the subject. His work is featured in the book, "Chronicles of Courage: Very Special Artist." (Random House). He was also featured in the PBS documentary series "People In Motion."


Margaret Morton and Bob Kalinski Discuss the Homeless Community that Lived in New York's Subway Tunnels.

Photographer Margaret Morton has a new collection of photographs: "The Tunnel: The Underground Homeless of New York City," (Yale University Press). The community has existed for 20 years. The book's text is taken from the words of the people who live there. Terry also talks with Bob Kalinski who lived underground for eight years, and recently left the tunnel to live in a homeless shelter.


Capturing Refugees with the Camera.

Photographer Fazal Sheikh. Since graduating from Princeton University in 1987 he has won an impressive collection of awards including the Leica Medal of Excellence, The Ruttenberg Award, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. His new book "A Sense of Common Ground," (Scalo) presents a series of photographs taken of African refugees from several different camps. The book was published along with a traveling exhibition, opening at the International Center for Photography in New York City. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Director David Lynch on His Fascination with the Body

Lynch is the director of several critically acclaimed films, including "Eraserhead," "The Elephant Man," "Dune" and "Blue Velvet." He is also the creator of the popular but short-lived TV series, "Twin Peaks." Lynch has published a book of photographs of his movies and his art, called "Images."


Photographer Andres Serrano on Photographing the Dead

Serrano's 1987 photograph, "Piss Christ," showed the figure of Christ on a cross in a pool of urine. It was one of the controversial art works which provoked a storm from the political-right. His work was denounced on the Senate floor by Senator Jesse Helms, who then began a crusade against the National Endowment for Arts. Serrano has a new exhibit of photographs taken of dead bodies, called "The Morgue."

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