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Looking Back On Larry Sultan's 'Pictures From Home.'

The influential photographer died of cancer Sunday. He was 63. In remembrance, we listen to a 1989 interview with him about his Pictures from Home, a decade-long project in which he observed the effects of his father's job loss on his family — a poignant topic once more.

This interview was originally broadcast July 12, 1989.


In Claxton's Death, A Photo Pioneer Lost

Photographer William Claxton got his start taking photos of jazz musicians in natural settings instead of smoky lounges. His 1967 film Basic Black was considered the first fashion video. He died Oct. 11 from congestive heart failure.


Remembering Photographer William Gottlieb

William Gottlieb died of a stroke last Sunday at the age of 89. In the '40s, Gottlieb learned photography and took hundreds of shots of the jazz greats of the time. Many of those shots are now well known through album covers, books, and posters. 200 of those photos appear in Gottlieb's book, The Golden Age of Jazz.


Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

Since September 11th, Joel Meyerowitz has taken over 7000 photographs of Ground Zero. He gained unlimited access to the site and did so in conjunction with the Museum of the City of New York. A selection of those pictures can been seen in the May 20th issue of The New Yorker.


Capturing a Gentler Side of Boxing

The sport of boxing hit the front pages last year when boxer Mike Tyson bit the ear of his opponent, Evander Holyfield. Photographer Larry Fink has captured many images of the sport which have been collected in his book, "Boxing" (Powerhouse Books). Sports writer Bert Sugar has written numerous works on sports and has served as senior vice-president of "The Ring" magazine, a magazine on boxing. He wrote the essay included in Fink's book. They'll talk about the often maligned sport. (REBROADCAST. ORIGINALLY AIRED 8/5/97.)


Staying One Step Ahead of the Wrecking Ball.

Photographer David Plowden. He's spent forty years chronicling the changing face of America. His new book "Imprints: A Retrospective" (Little, Brown & Co.) encompasses that work. Plowden's work is at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian and The Library of Congress.


From the Archives: Jazz Photographer Roy DeCarava.

Photographer Roy DeCarava. A collection of his photographs, featuring leading jazz musicians and life in Harlem, spanning the past 50 years has been published recently: "Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective." (Museum of Modern Art). The traveling exhibit of DeCarava's work is currently being shown at the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art (Jan 23-April 14, 1998) (REBROADCAST from 5/8/96)


Exposing the Secrets of Surgery.

Photojournalist Max Aguilera-Hellweg has a new collection of photographs taken in the operating room. Her images capture the inside of the human body as surgeons perform procedures like removal of brain tumors, a radical mastectomy, heart surgery and more. Her book is "The Sacred Heart: An Atlas of the Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery." (Bulfinch Press Book)


From the Archives: William Wegman's Dog Portraits.

Photographer and artist Wiliam Wegman. Wegman's best known for his photographs of his pet weimaraner dogs, Man Ray and Fay Ray (both have since died). He collected his photos and drawings in "William Wegman: Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Videotapes." His newest book is "Puppies" (Hyperion) which includes photographs of Fay Ray's daughters, son, and grandson. (REBROADCAST from 10/10/90)


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