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After Michael Vick, The Battle To Stop Dogfighting

A 2007 scandal involving NFL star Michael Vick exposed the world of illegal dogfighting. Now out of prison, Vick has pledged to help end the practice; Dave Davies talks about the campaign with John Goodwin, Humane Society manager of animal fighting issues, and former dogfighter Sean Moore.


Forensic Vet Helps Prevent Animal Cruelty

Melinda Merck is not your average "pet detective." As a forensic vet with the ASPCA, Merck offers insight into the harrowing world of animal cruelty — and how we can use the legal system to stop it.


Rescuing Katrina's Four-Legged Victims

Margaret McLaughlin, a New York vet technician, went to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to join the ASPCA's efforts to rescue pets left behind. She talks about her experiences finding and treating animals in the hurricane zone.


Rescuing Pets in the Hurricane Zone

Margaret McLaughlin, director of Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital's veterinary technicians in New York City, is part of an ASPCA rescue team that is finding and treating lost animals in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. She talks about the plight of animals in the battered Gulf Coast states.


A TV Star on Her Animal Advocacy

Comedic actress Betty White played the Sue Ann Nivens, a sex-obsessed television show host, on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her new book about the relationship between humans and pets builds on her work for animal welfare.

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