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50 Years Later, The Biting Satire Of 'The Smothers Brothers' Still Resonates

Tom and Dick Smothers came to CBS in 1967 not really intending to lead or support a revolution. They just got caught up in it — and they happened to have a network program "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour", with some 30 million viewers, on which they criticized the war in Vietnam, celebrated rock 'n' roll music and satirized politics and politicians.


John Oliver: Topical Comedy With A Crisp Accent

With Jon Stewart on leave, The Daily Show's "Senior British Correspondent" John Oliver has stepped up to fill in as host. In a Fresh Air interview from 2010, he talks about moving to the United States to join the show -- and the weird credibility his accent immediately gives him with Americans.


'Totally Biased' Comic On Race, Politics And Audience.

Comic W. Kamau Bell's show, produced by Chris Rock, mixes standup, sketches and interviews. Bell tells Fresh Air about the origins of his political humor and why it's important for him to have a multiracial audience.

This show was originally broadcast on September 13, 2012.


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