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African American novelists

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A 'Zone' Full Of Zombies In Lower Manhattan.

Colson Whitehead's new novel Zone One is a post-apocalyptic tale of a Manhattan crippled by a plague and overrun with zombies. He explains that he created the novel, in part, to pay homage to the grimy 1970s New York of his childhood.


English Professor Arnold Rampersad Discusses Restoring the Work of Richard Wright.

English professor Arnold Rampersad. He's just edited a new edition of the works of black writer Richard Wright. Wright's novel, "Native Son," was a breakthrough in African American literature when it was published in 1940. It also turns out many scenes dealing with the sexual activities of the main character were removed, to make the novel more palatable to Book Month Club subscribers. Those cuts have been restored in this new edition (by The Library of America).


A Novel Take on the Coming-of-Age Story

Twenty-five-year-old writer Trey Ellis' new, experimental book Platitudes has garnered high praise, along with comparisons to fellow African American novelists Alice Walker and Ishmael Reed.

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