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African American musicians




Rock historian Ed Ward

Ed Ward reviews When The Sun Goes Down: The Secret History of Rock & Roll a four volume set on RCA of mostly African-American music from the late 1920s to the mid-50s.


The American Cities that Gave Us Rock and Roll: New Orleans.

Rock historian Ed Ward continues his series on cities and rock and roll. Today's city is New Orleans. Artists discussed include Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, Little Richard, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Dr. John (Mac Rebennack), The Meters, The Neville Brothers,


The Early Years of Ike Turner

Rock Historian Ed Ward looks back at Ike Turner's career before Tina, when he secured his place in American Pop music history.


A Forgotten Pioneer of Rhythm and Blues

Rock historian Ed Ward takes a look at the influence of saxophonist Louis Jordan, who laid the groundwork for rocking Black artists of the 1950s like Chuck Berry.


Remembering Arthur Alexander

Singer and Songwriter Arthur Alexander died today. He had only recently begun performing again after a twenty year break. We remember him.


The Liggins Brothers' Different Flavors of Rhythm and Blues

Rock and roll historian Ed Ward profiles pioneering rhythm and blues artists Joe and Jimmy Liggins. Joe recorded one of the the genre's first hits,"The Honeydripper" in 1945. Jimmy was a lesser musical figure, but also enjoyed success with his more rough and ready style.


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