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Academy Awards (Motion pictures)

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Paul Winfield on the Role of Black Actors On Stage and Screen

Winfield plays the judge in Presumed Innocent -- a part he says is a rare, substantial and mature role for an African American actor. He was nominated for an Emmy for his roles on television in Roots and as Martin Luther King, and was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Sounder.


Animator Nick Park

Park's short, claymation film, "Creature Comforts," won this year's Oscar for Best Animation. It's a five-minute parody of a documentary in which various zoo animals tell the camera how they feel about their living conditions.


Dissecting the Academy Awards

It's Oscar night. New Yorker film critic Terrence Rafferty joins Terry to talk about the best and worst of last year's movies, who deserves to win tonight, and who probably will.


A Post-Mortem of the Oscars

Film critic John Powers. He talks with Terry Gross about the actors, directors, and films that won and lost at last night's 69th Academy Awards.

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