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Miller, Danny (Radio producer)

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Volcanologist Dan Miller.

Volcanologist and resident geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey Dan Miller. He also heads the Survey’s Volcano Disaster Assistance program which helps developing countries in the event of volcanic eruption. Miller was part of the team of geologists who studied Mt. St. Helens and predicted a blast before the turn of this last century. Mt. St. Helens blew May 18th, 1980. His team studied the frequency and past characteristics of eruption in Mt. St. Helens and put together hazard assessments for local officials.


Founder of the Gesundheit! Institute

Physician and activist Patch Adams started a collective of medical professionals which provides free, community-based healthcare out of a suburban home. A strong critic of the for-profit health care industry, he advocates against unnecessary procedures and more patient-centered care.


A Language Based on Sound and Song

Ethnomusicologist Steven Feld shares soundscapes of the daily life of indigenous rain forest communities in New Guinea. He explains the importance of song as a mode of communication in the cultures he studied.


An Ex-Con's Poetry

Etheridge Knight began writing poetry while serving a sentence for robbery. He talks with Fresh Air producer Danny Miller about how he draws inspiration from his past experiences as a former prisoner and drug addict.


A Trumpeter's Many Career "Milestones"

Author Jack Chambers has a new biography about the life of jazz legend Miles Davis. Chambers pays special attention to the trumpeter's early years playing, recording, and living with saxophonist Charlie Parker.


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